Curious Minds is 21!!!! Young Peoples Rights Advocacy; Renewing the Agenda Towards 2030

Curious Minds is 21!!!! Young Peoples Rights Advocacy; Renewing the Agenda Towards 2030

It looked just like yesterday when it all began. I observed my young friends stroll in from school with their beige and coffee brown uniforms tired and yet prepared for more activity. From far and near they came with a prime motivation to join the Child Survival and Development (CSD) Action Club. I can see Auntie Theresa with her call ‘Children,’ and these young ones responding enthusiastically “Action!’ In that same vein I can recollect some technicians getting irritated immediately. The children are here again! To some of them, CHILDREN MEANT TROUBLE.

As a handler you needed a thousand percent (I almost said Zoblazo), but really, a thousand percent patience to get them going through the programme of thirty minutes on the then GBC Radio Two. Perseverance was and is still an essential condiment here especially as we had the hyperactive ones who cannot remain at one place for ten continuous seconds. They are part of the group who after working hard to keep some silence to signal the beginning of a recording will make a funny face in a corner causing an explosion of laughter in the studio.
Twenty-one years on, here we are. From being involved in Mock sessions, members are now engaged in the real business of advocacy from the local right up to the global level. They are in the lead working for progressive change for other young people. Members are serving as mentors. There are the medical personnel, lawyers, diplomats, Union leaders, Entrepreneurs, teachers, and yes we cannot forget, A-class journalists. That is a super summary of CURIOUS MINDS – the Children and Youth in Broadcasting and the then CSD Action Club.

We really must express appreciation to all the mothers who were there at the beginning from Women-In-Broadcasting, Theresa Dogbe, Sarah Akrofi-Quarcoo, Dinah Amoo, Edina Fiawo Blagogee, Charity Binka and a host of others who did their part during the foundation stages. We cannot also forget Fatima Quainoo-Obuamah and Elvyra Duse-Anthony. They were prepared to put up with all that the young ones had to throw at them. By Jah’s grace we have remained to steer the ship up to this point moving the process from a programme to an organisation of forward-looking young people active in different areas of young people’s rights; from the ABC of children’s rights to comprehensive adolescent reproductive health issues.

We also express our appreciation to all those who have in diverse ways assisted the group up to this point. There is still more to be done. We remember all the organisations too, from the local to the international level together with the UN system. We really value your partnership. The pictures here tell a variety of stories. All here should respond present to the roll call. Dr. Richmond Opare, Ambrose Nazzar, Moshe Dayan Mwangi, Gifty Sateklah, Umar Amadu Farouk, Frederick Akuffo Gyan, Grace Ofori-Adu, and the members of the generation being mentioned should endeavour to get in touch.
To those who still blaze the trail, we say Ayekoo. Really, Curious Minds continue to set the young people’s agenda for development.


By Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh