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Curious Minds Magazine

The Curious Minds is a quarterly magazine that highlights critical youth development issues.

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Momlikoo TV

Momlikoo is a young people's television talk show in the Ga local language which airs on Obonu TV every Saturday at GMT

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Uniiq Curious Minds

Uniiq Curious Minds is a weekly children's radio programme dedicated to child rights issues.

Momlikoo Radio

Momlikoo is a youth radio programme that broadcasts in Ga language and primarily focuses on the development issues affecting the Ga community. It airs on Obonu 96.5 fm in Accra on Saturdays at 8:15 GMT

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Youth Action

Youth Action is a radio programme that airs on Radio Central in Cape Coast every Saturday at 15:00 GMT.

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CM Newsletter

The CM Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that provides updates of our work and activities for each month.

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Gems of Our Time

Gems of Our Time is a weekly youth radio programme on GBC radio (Uniiq 95.7fm) which airs on Saturdays at 16:05 GMT

The Bowl of Rights

The Bowl of Rights is a child-friendly version of the Children's Act of Ghana (Act 560) produced by Curious Minds and funded by GNCC (now Dept. of Children)

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